Palästina: Einladung zu einem Politischen Camp in Palästina

Dear all,
the current situation in all historical Palestine reaches high level of political tensions: the overt and hidden contradictions of the Israeli occupation are exploding in Gaza, West Bank, Jerusalem and Palestine ’48. The mainstream medias are not giving to the international public opinions the tools to undestand the roots of the conflict and the reasons behind the current developments, trying to show them as a sudden imbalance without historical roots.
Because of this, in order to understand better the colonialistic project behind the 66-years occupation of Palestine and the resistance of the Palestinian people, it’s important to analize the history and all the core issues related to the conflict and to listen the voice of the Palestinians and the Israeli anti-Zionist activists.

Attached you will find all the material about the camp, to know more about the tools and the program. Attached also a video that explains why it’s important to take part in the AIC camp, 8 easy steps to join it and the concept of the international seminar.
The price is 550 euros, included accomodations for 6 nights, breakfast/lunch/dinner for 6 days, transportations to all the locations we visit and the tours. It’s not included the transportation from and to the airport.
For any other question, don’t hesitate to ask! And please, help us to spread the information about our camp!
AIC Staff
Alternative Information Center (AIC)
Building 111 Main Street – Beit Sahour
Tel: 972-2-2775445
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