Palestine: Palestine Summer Encounter 15.6.-14.7.or 15.6.-14.8.

June 15- August 14, 2016

Hear, meet, explore & understand peacemaking with the local communities in the Holy land!

Palestine Summer Encounter invites internationals students and social activists  to come and learn with new lenses about   the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict, encounter, challenge preconceived knowledge  and find a deeper understating to  the cores of the conflict and learn about various communities of the Holy Land and the of peace .. The program introduces people to the different means on “how to engage in conflicts “ in which communities engage in with nonviolence to end oppression and replace it with justice e to the occupation, while promoting alternative approaches to conflict resolution …. in order to directly address cores needs of the communities and there for replace  fear and hate with peace .

The project aims at giving the participants  a way of understanding the conflict away from being one-sided, hearing and reacting with all the communities and hearing the local voices on peacemaking culture.

​Our vision is not to support one side of the conflict, but to create new ambassadors for a different vision and culture of peace making in the holy land .


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