Palestine: OLIVENERNTE WORKCAMP (Tent of Nations)

Olive Harvest – “Rooted like an olive tree”

Place: Daher’s Vineyard, Tent of Nations Farm
Dates 24th Oct – 3rd Nov 2016
Duration: 10 days
Number of Volunteers: 25
Accommodation: Volunteers will sleep in tents at the farm campsite

Project Details: Tent of Nations welcomes both local and international volunteers to participate in our olive harvest camp. Working together we will harvest the fruit over the 10 day camp. In addition, a special program will be prepared for each day which will include orientation, learning about the land situation, lectures and workshops, documentary movies and field trips to Bethlehem and surroundings. In the evening, you can enjoy spending time around the campfire.

Useful Guidelines: It will be important that you get enough sleep each night of the camp, because this type of work usually starts very early in the morning to avoid the heat later in the day.

Weather: (October): The weather is mostly hot, dry and dusty with temperatures between 20º-27º. On the farm it is usually hot during the day, but can get chilly in the evening.

Participation Fee: 150 Euros. This amount covers food, accommodation, lectures and different programs and activities. However, it doesn’t cover field trips. Please see our volunteers page for more information about our running costs.

Please Note: Participants are expected to pay for their flights and to cover their own health insurance.


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