Volontär*innen im naturkundlichen Bereich gesucht

Das „Palestine Museum of Natural History“ (PMNH) und das „Palestine Institute of Biodiversity Research“ bieten viele Möglichkeiten für Volontär*innen.


Become a Volunteer at The Palestine Museum of Natural History (PMNH) and its Palestine Institute of Biodiversity Research work to research, educate about, and conserve our natural world, culture and heritage and use knowledge to promote responsible human interactions with our environment.


We have many volunteer opportunities that will enhance your skills and allow you to be part of a team that is dynamic and energetic and making a difference locally.

We promote respect (for one self, for fellow human beings, and for the environment).

For those interested email us at info(Ersetze diesen Einschub durch das Email-Zeichen.)palestinenature.org

Opportunities to volunteer exist in these areas:

A) Actual biodiversity Scientific Research Projects. There are over 20 projects here. Examples:

1. Biodiversity in specific areas (e.g. Wadi AlQuf, Al-Makhrour) including Field work.
2. Land Snails (Mollusca).
3. Freshwater Snails.
4. Medical Insects.
5. Butterfly.
6. Bat tissue culture .
7. Snakes.
8. Bees (Apidae and Anthophoridae including interactions with Orchids).
9. Geckos.
10. Frogs.
11. Mammals.
12. Birds/Ornithology.
13. Plant pests.
14. Veterinary Issues and taxidermy.
15. Herbarium.
16. Plants other.

B) Ecosystem structures: Design of living outdoor and animal/plant exhibits that interactive and not “zoo like” or “garden like”). The main goal is to recreate a habitat that will allow a growth in number of species and an equilibrium in the ecosystem created. Here people interested as well as landscape designers, architects, and others who can contribute are needed.

C) Education/behavioral change: Developing the education system in schools, to increase the curiosity for the children and the way they are thinking about the nature around themselves. Developing and training children about recycling/ up-cycling. And developing SMART science exhibition for students in the museum.

D) IT: Building and developing database for the collection and the researches at the museum in order to have an online library in the future.

E) Fundraising: Grant and proposal writing, holding fundraising events to try to get donations for the future building, computers, interactive (touch) screens, projectors etc.

F) Administration: Making partners and relationship between the museum and other organizations and museums around the world. And making sure that all tasks well done.

G) Architecture of new building: Designing the new Eco-friendly building for the museum along with the Pond and cages for birds and butterflies.

F) Media work: Writing stories about the museum and our work including the volunteers and their research, translate it into many languages and publish it in the western and eastern media. Making documentaries and animation movies for the children.

Note: We hold volunteer meetings and workshops in Bethlehem every other Wednesday afternoon.

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